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Why Locklizard?

Security beyond simple PDF password protection




Locklizard provides PDF security software that is much more secure than PDF password protection.  We do not use passwords to protect PDF files.  This has the following advantages:

  • There are no weak password mechanisms
  • There are no passwords for users to give to others
  • Users don’t have to remember passwords
  • Administrators don’t have to manage passwords

Instead, Locklizard use public key technology for secure key exchange and DRM controls to enforce document restrictions (printing, editing, etc.).

Locklizard’s PDF protection system works as follows:

The document publisher

  1. protects PDF files on their computer using the Locklizard Writer software.  This protects the PDFs and applies DRM controls for PDF restrictions.
  2. distributes the protected PDF files as normal (via a Web site download, email, etc.).
  3. creates users on the cloud based admin system.  Users can be either created manually or automatically via an API (say when a user purchases a protected PDF ebook).  The admin system is where you specify who has access to your PDF files and what they can do with them.

The user

  1. When a user is created, they are sent a link to download a Viewer and a license file.  Or for zero installation access, protected PDF files can also be viewed in a browser or from a USB device.
  2. The user installs the viewer and clicks on the license file to register.  In the case of browser access, the user is sent a link to a Web page where they can access documents they have been authorized to use.
  3. When a user opens a document for the first time, the system checks if they are authorized to view it.  If they are, the decryption key is transparently relayed to the keystore.  The decryption key for each document is stored on the authorized user’s device (computer, tablet, phone) in a secure keystore which is locked to the device.  The keystore will not work if it is copied to another device which prevents the sharing of decryption keys.


Locklizard PDF protection software is used worldwide by information publishers who need to secure PDF documents from unauthorized distribution and misuse.

Try our 15 day FREE trial to protect your PDF documents without using passwords.

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